About Past, Present, Future

With a camera and a pen, my dad Bernard McKenzie recorded for all of us many of his experiences and thoughts after being freed from a German POW camp at the end of World War 2 in Europe. With hundreds of photos, many of which have incredible descriptions inked on the back, my dad left me a bit of a puzzle. While I have a pretty good idea of my dad’s story–from his enlistment to his travels to Normandy after the roads had been paved by thousands before him to his capture in the Ardennes to the awful time he spent as a captive of the Germans–spending the time focusing on these photos and inscriptions while I publish them here will surely help me fill in some of the gaps. I plan to tell the story of this far-from-bellicose member of the Army’s 87th Infantry Division, the Golden Acorns. And in doing so, I want to share his story told by these amazing mementos with the world.