An Incomplete Family Medical History


I’m 52 years old, and except for today’s right knee menisectomy, right rotator cuff surgery three and a half years ago, right Achilles repair nearly 25 years ago, and left shoulder dislocation repair 33 years ago, I’ve been incredibly fortunate with my health. And in times like these when doctors are prescribing opiates for minor surgeries such as these and even lesser ailments, I realize I handle pain well and even revel in getting back to normal as quickly as possible. But god forbid I get a splinter or a blister…it’s for times like those that I stockpile those narcotics!

If my grandchildren unearth this blog one day, they can feel at ease that no McKenzie genes should make them worry about the first 52 years of their health. My dad had surgically removed bladder cancer in his 40s, and my mom had hypertension diagnosed in her 40s, but the health scares that ended their lives in their 80s were age-related accidents and cancers.

I feel incredibly blessed that my ailments have been so trivial. I feel even more fortunate that my family’s health has been even better. In terms of health, looking to the past can help predict the future, but it’s probably yet another part of life where it’s even better to be lucky than good!

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